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Small Business Q&A   by SmallBusinessfaq

in Business / Small Business    (submitted 2010-01-25)

what different kind of small business are in that?

i am looking to start a small business in my small town what mode of small businesses are availible

What do I involve to do to start an online business?

I want to start an online business providing document services and printing needs to small businesses. I know who I want to host my website (Yahoo! Small Business works the best for me and is affordable) and I can...

What do you do near Credit Card settlements/receipts?

I am curious in small businesses, what do you do beside the credit card settlements/receipts from customers at the end of the hours of daylight? When a patient pays beside a credit card, my office prints them a bill to give to...

What is average hourly rate for a consultant within Calif to train staff contained by organization procedures?

I am starting a business directed to primarily small businesses to train their staff in proper organization procedures, including, but not limited to, courteous and proper email guidance, how to be resourceful, office nouns...

What is one of the most successful small businesses to start within the Midwest.?

service or product

What is the best POS/Gift Certificate software that small businesses can use lacking spending $600?

If it came beside ways to make and set up appointments for clients that would be beneficial, too. I'd approaching the gift qualification software to be such that it doesn't have to surpass through a...

What is the best WEB-BASED site builder for a business?

I've probably tried dozens of web-based site builders. I like a few, and simply REALLY like one. I'm looking for more gems that can relieve small businesses build: * Good-looking sites. * That are e-commerced enabled. * That have plenty...

What is the definition of EBITDA? Is it the proceeds amount after opex but in the past taxes/dep/amort?

Trying to get a rough "rule of thumb" breadth to evaluate some small businesses. For example, "this company might value itself at 5 to 8 times returns (EBITDA)" - in this armour...

What is your favorite website as a resource for small businesses?

I am composing a "Top 10 List" of websites that people can get your hands on valuable information or catch freebies that are helpful to small businesses. Any sincere sustain (without spamming) would be greatly appreciated.

What legalized items do I stipulation to do to start a business?

Are there any chat forums for small businesses?

What percentage of small businesses hold an online presence?

looking for the % of small businesses that have a website.

What's a devout perception for a start up business?

I would like to hear some design on what are good small businesses that can head to something big. Thanks!

what's better for a small business? merchantcircle.com or yahoo local?

i've seen both. which do you cogitate small businesses prefer and why?

Name your small business that you started near a low start-up duty?

I always wonder how successful small businesses are. I hear profusely of good stories on Yahoo and else where on earth. But how did you get started? Do own to pay taxes. What made you receive into business? What...

Seeking to start a small business.?

I plan to start a small business advising others how to start small businesses. Any counsel or pointers?

Small business owners, which bookkeeping program?

I'm planning on contracting myself out for administrative/book keeping services to small businesses in my nouns. I am doing research to find out which bookkeeping programs are the most widely used so I can familiarize myself beside them in mortgage. Which do you use?

Stockbroker abet! 15 Y/O desires minister to some work adivice! Thanks?

Hi, I'm 15 years old and simply about to want which road to take surrounded by life. I am extremely money driven and run numerous small businesses from home. My GCSE's are coming up within 2 months and I just...