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Voip And Your Small Business

More and more people are considering alternative ways of earning money these days, which is why small businesses are sprouting almost everywhere you look. For those who can't be their own bosses (yet, they hope), working from home is the next best thing because it's convenient and cost-effective. For both scenarios, VoIP can make things even better.

Most businesses depend largely on the Internet and of course working from home would mean there must be constant phone communication between your residence and your office. VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, hits both birds with one stone for both businesses and home-based workers without compromising call quality. There is of course a monthly charge for the premium phone-based service of most VoIP providers, which is what you need for your business, but they provide special plans for small businesses which will allow you to save more. With VoIP, you don't need to be paying for a separate phone line anymore. You won't even need an Internet line at all if your connection is via high-speed satellite Internet or wireless networking!

Free calls can be provided by some VoIP providers for branches or overseas offices through a corporate data network. A dedicated fax line is usually provided at no extra cost and some offer plans with free or very affordable international per-minute rates for those with international contacts. You just plug in your fax line to the phone adapter provided by your VoIP company and you can now be contacted through another means by your boss or your clients.

So in summary, what can VoIP do for your home office or small business? Call clarity is not an issue, free calls are a given, and savings are guaranteed. Communication within and outside your small business or home office will be one less thing for you to worry your business-minded head about.

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By: Mary Leen